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So I finally have located the right version of Nina Simone’s Sinnerman that they play in Sherlock at the beginning of Moriarty’s trial.

Listening to it makes me very happy/sad.

Fuck, it is good.

The version I downloaded is from the Thomas Crown Affair soundtrack. And naturally iTunes make you download the entire album to get your hands on the song, because they are right bastards.

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In other news,

Jane has had the worst luck with proposals.

Surprise! I am getting married. I love Blanche so much. So much. I mean you. When I said Blanche I meant you. I love you so much. It was a metaphor. I still have the ring though. Seems like a waste not to get hitched. But I’m still married. So we can’t get married for realsies. But we can play house and pretend.”


Surprise! You know how you wanted to make a difference to the lives of underprivileged kids in Vancouver via an arts and crafts program? How about instead coming to India with me and being a nurse, even though you don’t want to be a nurse. Oh, and we can get married. Otherwise you won’t actually be placed near me, and it’s too dangerous for you to be on your own. Seems like a waste not to get hitched. But I don’t want to like… be actually married to you. Yuck. It’s just you’ve already got the training.”

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That was a hella good adaptation of the novel.

Good thing I’m not steering this boat, because if someone caught me in one of those “I’m stuck in a rut from which I can never escape” kind of moods,  I would totally get fake-married and go to India, even though I’m a Rochester Apologist from way back. 

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Superb!! I have not seen or heard this concert before. These guys are incredible! This was before Handwritten was released.

The Gaslight Anthem Live in 
Brooklyn, NYC

  1. Great Expectations 
  2. Old White Lincoln 
  3. American Slang 
  4. The Diamond Church Street Choir 
  5. We Came to Dance 
  6. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues 
  7. The ‘59 Sound 
  8. Film Noir 
  9. Miles Davis and the Cool 
  10. 45 
  11. Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts 
  12. The Patient Ferris Wheel 
  13. I’da Called You Woody, Joe 
  14. Biloxi Parish 
  15. Wherefore Art Thou, Elvis? 
  16. Wooderson 
  17. The Queen of Lower Chelsea 
  18. Here’s Looking at You, Kid 
  19. The Backseat 

  20. The Spirit of Jazz 
  21. She Loves You 
  22. Baba O’Riley 
You know, people get married, people get divorced, people die, people don’t die, people get all kinds of problems, they lose jobs but still, we keep the records going at night. And, you know, 33 rpm: life’s not so bad at that speed.
Brian Fallon (via the-blues-mary)
I call this look: Russian Lumberjack.

I call this look: Russian Lumberjack.

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