39. Another song that has a top five favourite guitar riff in it

Your Touch - The Black Keys

I was a fan of The Black Keys from the moment I heard the opening riff of this song.

365 day song challenge

38. A song that makes you a smile

Four Simple Words - Frank Turner

I love everything about this song. It’s a celebratory, can-do anthem, with a punky interlude, and something I have danced wildly to with good friends at a live show.

365 day song challenge

37. A song you couldn’t live without

Sigh No More - Mumford & Sons

Something about this song has always managed to squeeze my heart in a way that few other songs manage to do.

365 day song challenge

36. Newest/most modern song you love

Mama’s Boys - The Gaslight Anthem

It’s only something like three weeks old. Hands down my favourite off Get Hurt, if even if it is only a bonus track.

My mother thinks it sounds like Sweet Virginia by The Rolling Stones. She ain’t wrong. That’s kinda why I like it.

365 day song challenge

35. A song by the last band you saw play live

Truly - Something For Kate

This was also the highlight for me of the entire set, Paul Dempsey walking out onto the stage solo, armed with naught but an acoustic guitar and blowing everyone the fuck away with this song.

365 day song challenge